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Late Payments

Late Payments
Credit Repair will help you identify all the details of your late payments currently being reported on Equifax  Experian and TransUnion. Credit Doctors® can provide you with the necessary options required to resolve these late payments and improve your current situation. Credit Repair can raise your Credit Scores today. Call Credit Doctors® for further details. 305.969.8777


Credit Repair is your solution to straightening out the mess that currently appears on your Credit Reports, finally allowing you to immediately start re-building your credit. Call Credit Doctors® at 305.969.8777

Student Loans

Student Loans
Credit Repair identifies and helps you re-organize your student loans, so that you can move forward and start re-building new positive credit. Credit Doctors® has been resolving Student Loan issues for over 23 Years. Call Credit Doctors® 305.969.8777


Foreclosures are never easy and usually leave a terrible mess on your Credit Report and Credit Scores. Balances reported thereafter to the Credit Bureaus are never correct. Credit Doctors® can easily resolve these matters and undo the mess made by Creditors and Collection agencies. Credit Doctors® can make you whole again through our unique Credit Repair process. Credit Doctors has been doing it this way for over 23 years. Results are guaranteed. Call Credit Doctors® 305.969.8777


Experiencing a repossession is a difficult enough situation to find your self facing. What makes matters worse is the awful situation that is left being reported by your Creditors to the Credit Bureaus. Inaccurate loan balances and monies left still owed to the banks can be astronomical. Credit Doctors® can help you remove these inaccurate balances still owed to your Creditors and quickly get your Credit Reports and Credit Scores looking great. Credit Doctors has been doing this for over 23 years and the results are guaranteed. Call Credit Doctors® for more details. 305.969.8777


Judgments? Liens? You are at risk of facing pending Lawsuits, Court Battles, and Attorney Fees. Credit Doctors® can help you figure out how you got into this mess and provide you with possible cost saving answers to your dilemma. Call Credit Doctors® right now for a free consultation. 305.969.8777


Judgments? Liens? You are at risk right now of possible pending Lawsuits, Courts, and Attorney fees. Credit Doctors® can help you figure out how you got into this mess and provide you with possible options on how to deal with the matter at a hand. Credit Doctors® has been doing this for over 23 years. Call Credit Doctors® today for a free consultation. Sleep better tonite knowing you have options.
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Medical Bills

Medical Bills
Unpaid Medical Bills? Insurance hasn’t paid? Questions regarding this matter can be daunting. If these debts are left unpaid, the risk of Collections and Attorney fees can and will will be reported to the Credit Bureaus by Collection Agencies that often report inaccurate information to Equifax, Experian, and TranUnion. Credit Doctors® has been resolving these matters for our clients for over 23 years. Let Credit Doctors® deal with your nasty collection calls and put an end to the never ending harassment that you may be experiencing. Call Credit Doctors® today at 305.969.8777 for a free consultation.

Debt Negotiation

Credit Doctors® offers our unique debt settlement feature, which allows you to save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars when settling a bad debt generated by Creditors and Collection Agencies. These debts are usually over-inflated with bogus fees by collectors and can be eliminated through our unique methods of debt settlement. Call Credit Doctors® for these and other valuable details. 305.969.8777

Start Your Own Credit Repair Business

Credit Doctors® is excited to announce a 3 day Credit Repair Course that will allow you start earning cash immediately upon completion. The course will be taught one on one by Credit Doctors® Founder & CEO, Alex Fornet. If chosen, you will be taught everything you’ll need to know to succeed in your own Credit Repair Business. All materials will be provided, as well as Sales & Marketing techniques required to get started immediately. Invest in yourself and an exciting future in your own Credit Repair Business. Call Credit Doctors® For more information, Speak to our Founder & CEO, Alex Fornet, to unlock the secrets of successful Credit Repair. Call now 305.969.8777