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Credit Repair is the process of correcting information that is currently listed on your Credit Reports and affecting your Credit Scores. This process is done through disputes with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The process usually takes approximately 30 days in which Equifax, Experian and TransUnion must investigate the disputes listed by the consumer and report back results that were determined by each of the Credit Bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The Consumer is mailed a new Credit Report at the time the investigation is completed.

Credit Repair How It Works? How Do I start?

Contact Credit Doctor® today, and we will guide you through all the steps required in order to Request your Credit Reports from Equifax, Experian and TranUnion. You will be entitled to a Free Credit Repair consultation at no charge or obligation. You will be offered all your options on how Credit Doctor® can improve your current situation and further discuss all cost, if any, involved in your personalized Credit Repair program.

Credit Doctor® Credit Repair What Can They Do For Me?

Credit Doctor® will do everything! Sit back and let us handle all the details discussed in our Credit Repair consultation. We will deal with all the three Credit Bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Credit Doctor® will work closely with their clients and make sure they know exactly what to expect at all times. Credit Doctor® has been doing this for over 23 years!

Credit Doctor® Credit Repair? Credit Repair SINCE 1996

Credit Doctor® prides itself in knowing that we’ve been in business since 1996. That’s over 23 years of Credit Repair experience. Credit Doctor® Founder & CEO, Alex Fornet, has been involved the credit industry his entire adult life and was an original pioneer in the Credit Repair Industry. Alex Fornet is also in the top 1% of highest Credit Scores in the United States, and enjoys sharing the secrets of his achievements with anyone who wants his help. It’s always Free and highly entertaining to share the knowledge, We are listed as A+ with the Better Business Bureau for over 23 years. Call Credit Doctor® today 305.969.8777

Credit Repair How Long Does It Take? Credit Doctor®

The Credit Repair process usually takes as little as 30 days and can depend on the complexity of it’s client’s issues at hand. Your will be given specific details at the time of of your Free Credit Repair consultation. Call Credit Doctor® for all the details. 305.969.8777

Credit Repair Cost? Credit Doctor®

The most important thing that Credit Doctor® stresses to share about Credit Repair is that sometimes you can’t help someone in need of Credit Repair. We want to first make sure that you are a true candidate of the process, and then discuss the costs involved. If you cannot be helped at the present time, we want to make sure you understand why, so that no-one else takes your hard earned money by promising you something that cannot be delivered. Credit Doctor® has never lost business due to costs. We never will, so please call Credit Doctor® and let is earn your business today. Call 305.969.8777

How Can I Improve My Credit Scores? Credit Doctor®

Credit Scores are very complex. They involve many areas that affect the scores, and knowing how to mange them is an ongoing process. Credit Doctor® has been teaching these Credit Score techniques for over 23 years. Credit Doctor® will share all their secrets with you by simply calling us today and letting us share the knowledge we possess about Credit Repair and the Credit Scoring process.

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