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Credit Doctor was established by it’s Founder & CEO, Credit Repair expert, Alex Fornet, in 1996. Our mission is to help our clients establish & re-establish credit through the process known as Credit Repair. Credit Repair is an extremely effective way to raise our clients Credit Scores to a maximum potential through a unique process we’ve developed from our  23 years in the Credit Repair industry. Credit Doctor is the oldest and most experienced Credit Repair organization in United States. Our Founder & CEO, Alex Fornet, prides himself in being ranked in the top 5% highest Credit Scores in the nation by Equifax, Experian & TransUnion, a near perfect Credit Score. Alex Fornet also possesses over 35 years of experience in the Credit Repair industry. Ask our competition if they can make those same claims? I assure you & guarantee you that they cannot. Credit Doctor Is the industry leader in Credit Repair and our unique approach is like no other. Credit Doctor has been doing credit repair for over 23 years, and our Founder & CEO, Alex Fornet has been involved in the Credit industry for a total of almost 35 years. His Professional career began in 1980, working for IBM Corporation until 1990. He then worked in Sales & Finance before starting his own company, Credit Doctor,  in 1996. Credit Doctor has since maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 23 straight years of doing business … a stellar and unmatched feat in the Credit Repair industry! we’re pioneers. Call Credit Doctor today & speak to our Founder & CEO, Alex Fornet. You will receive at no charge, a free no obligation Credit Repair consultation, complete with instructions on how to gather all three credit reports from Equifax, Experian & TransUnion. Stop waiting! It simple, and It’s free. Call Credit Doctor now at 305-969-8777. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Late Payments?

Late payments happen… Did you know that it’s possible to remove them from your Credit Reports using a very simple method? What is that simple method you ask? Call Credit Doctors today and we will enlighten you with our unique Credit Repair techniques we’ve developed over our 23 years in the Credit Repair Industry. Call Credit Doctors  305.969.8777 

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Charge-Off ? Foreclosure & Short Sales ? Repossession?

Do your Credit Reports show Charge-offs? Foreclosure? Short Sale? Repossession? Did you know that the creditor probably has reported your owing balances completely in error, and that those erroneous balances can cause ripple effects that can lead to Collection Agencies, Lawyers, and even lawsuits that will end up in Courts and additional fees ?. Call Credit Doctors 305.969.8777 

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Collection & Medical Bills?

Collection Accounts & unpaid Medical Bills can cause your Credit Scores to plunge over 100 points! Most Collection Agencies report un-verified customer accounts in violation of the F.C.R.A. Let Credit Doctors verify or remove these harmful accounts from your Credit Reports and improve your Credit Scores quickly. Call Credit Doctors 305.969.8777 

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Student Loans In Default?

If you have Student Loans in Default, you may be opening yourself up to legal action against you…Let Credit Doctors  verify the correct amounts you may or may not owe, and help you get these loans back to a Satisfactory status and properly reflected on your Credit Reports, Improving your Credit Scores quickly. Call Credit Doctors 305.969.8777 

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Bankrupcy? Chapter 7? Chapter 11? Chapter 13? Public Records are reported on your Credit Reports and lower your Credit Scores dramatically! The question is…? Are the Public Records reported correctly? and do your Credit Reports accurately reflect the correct status of your accounts? Probably not! Even if you have filed for Bankruptcy, Credit Doctors will verify the information about your Credit and help you immediately reflect the correct status of your account, as well as help you start building and establishing new positive credit through banks specializing in situations such as yours. Let us share those exciting programs with you. Call Credit Doctors 305.969.8777

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Judgments ?  Liens ?

Did you know that a Judgment or a Lien against you can allow a Creditor the ability to strip you of any balance owed to them from your Bank accounts? Your Savings? Yes! they can take the money out of your accounts! This question remains is was the Judgment or Lien issued in a proper manner and due diligence performed? Let us review your situation and guide you in a manner that will resolve the matter at hand as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible. Call Credit Doctors 305.969.8777 

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Credit Doctors

Credit Doctors is the oldest & most established Credit Repair Organization in the United States. Better Business Bureau Rated A+ for over 23 Years. Quality & Customer Service make us unique in the Credit Repair Industry


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Credit Doctor News & Events

Credit Doctors is excited to announce a 3 day Credit Repair Course that will allow you to start earning cash immediately upon completion. The course will be taught one-on-one by Credit Doctors Founder & CEO, Alex Fornet. If chosen, you will be taught everything you’ll need to know to succeed in your own Credit Repair business. All materials will be provided, as well as valuable Sales & Marketing techniques required to start earning income immediately. Invest in  yourself, and an exciting future in your own Credit Repair business. Call Credit Doctors today and speak to our Founder & CEO Alex Fornet about unlocking the secrets of successful Credit Repair. Credit Doctors is always creating new and exciting Credit Repair opportunities for our clients and potential Credit Repair associates. Call us today & learn how you can start making additional income today. Our affiliate programs are unique and exciting! Interested? Call Credit Doctors at 305.969.8777



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