Do you sell products or services to clients whom you depend on having good Credit?  Would you like to help your clients improve their Credit Scores?  If so, The Credit Doctors can help with their Credit Repair needs.

In order to help your clients raise their Credit Scores and enable them the freedom to purchase what you can offer, consider hosting a free credit repair workshop. The Credit Doctors can conduct a FREE 1-2 hour credit repair workshop on any or all of the following topics:

Understanding Your Credit Report and the Credit Repair process.

The Myths of Credit Repair.

How to Obtain a Mortgage after the Credit Repair process.

Keys to Home Ownership – Mortgages, Insurance and More after the Credit Repair process.

Good Credit for a Lifetime through Credit Repair.

Recovering From Bankruptcy after Credit Repair.

How to start your own Credit Repair Business.

All About Credit Card Companies and the benefits of Credit Repair.

Credit Repair and the strategies for handling Medical Bills and Collections.

How to re-establish your credit with Credit Repair.

How to buy a new car after the Credit Repair process.

Dealing with Credit Bureaus through the use of Credit Repair.

Learning to write Credit Repair letters.

Consolidating Student Loans and dealing with Defaulted Student loans through Credit Repair.

Strategic Defaults and how to re-establish your credit after Credit Repair.



To schedule a workshop, please end us an email at or call 305,969.8777.